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Why is India the Soul of collective Humanity? The reasons are; *Many vibrant religions took birth here in India. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism among others. * Christianity came to India( Kerala and Tamilnadu) even before it arrived in Europe! *The oldest languages known to man, like Tamil and Sanskrit are from India. * Indians have proven to be the most accommodative and considerate people in the world. Three historical events support this: 1) The Parsis arrived in India sometime in 8th or 9th century AD in a kind of self exile from the then Persia( Iran), to safeguard their religion and culture. They were received warmly by the rulers that time in present Mumbai region. They kept their promise to be as ' milk in water', meaning they would effortlessly live in harmony with the local populace. 2) The second event concerns the arrival of Jews in India, maybe as long back as the 12th century. These people, who have had to face persecution in many places all over the worl

Our mind...A reset

OUR MINDSET...A RESET. Why does a woman sometimes become a widow? It's something we all really know, It's because she had a husband! So it is not so difficult to comprehend. When this can happen to anyone, Why do many among us, strangely, mostly other women, Treat the widows of India badly, Hurting them, oh so sadly. When there be an auspicious function, They are kept in back seated isolation. Even in their children's wedding, alas! They cannot go to bless them, on the dais. It's time for us to change our mindset, And our attitude towards widows to reset As all our prayers will be in vain, If we inflict on these unfortunate ladies such pain.