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Dorai had just come back after completing his terrible 'assignment' when the door bell rang. He was shocked and terrified beyond words when he saw his victim with the same wound marks inflicted by Dorai, carrying his own dead body in his arms. Dorai fell down in a dead swoon with a horrified expression. After checking his pulse, the victim's twin brother rose, satisfied that quick revenge had been extracted. He wiped away the paint marks with a grunt of satisfaction.


Robin nudged Meera, “So then we can consider the matter settled, right?” “What is supposed to be settled, Robin?” “Come on Meera, we discussed sending Ratan to Boarding School at Ooty, didn’t we....” “O yes, I remember now- he is to be sent away before we tie the knot! I do remember… I also recall refusing to send away my son… and emphasizing that I am not trading my son for our selfish happiness.” Meera sighed and added, “There is no change in my stand, Robin. Ratan stays. You simply have to learn to accept him.” *** A few days later. “Wow, Mom, the kites are beautiful!” It was kite flying season and the three- Meera, Robin and Ratan were out on the terrace, along with many others, armed with beautifully crafted kites of various designs. Each one of them was flying a kite, watching it soar into the air. There was the usual friendly competition as to whose kite would soar highest. During this joyous occasion, Robin sidled to Meera and whispered, “How about letting him g