As most Hindus know/believe, there are four Yugas or epochs in the repetitive cycle of Creation/Dissolution on Earth. The four Yugas are Satya, Treta , Dvapara and finally Kali.  The value systems and righteousness progressively decline with each Yuga and in Kali Yuga (Our present epoch), negative qualities and evil traits are supposed to be dominant and therefore, by the end of this Yuga, there will be dissolution and then Creation starts all over again.

Of course, several thousands of years are still believed to be left in Kali Yuga, so no fear of dissolution any time soon!

Since the Pandavas and Lord Krishna were supposed to have lived in the end years of Dvapara Yuga, it is said that the Pandavas were eager to know from their Lord and God, Sri Krishna as to what Kali Yuga would be like. The Lord, in his typical mischievous style declined to answer that directly. Instead he asked the five Pandava brothers to travel in the forest in different directions, then come back and report to Krishna what unusual thing each one saw.

Accordingly, Yudhishtira, , Arjuna, Bhima, Sahadeva and Nakula, the Pandava brothers, proceeded in different directions, in obedience of their mentor.

During his journey, Yudhishtira saw an Elephant with two trunks.

Arjuna saw a bird with the Vedas imprinted on its wings. The bird was eating a corpse.

Bhima saw a cow licking its new born calf very lovingly.

Sahadeva saw three wells near each other… The first and third one were full of water whereas the third one, though the deepest, had no water and was completely dry.

Nakula saw one huge boulder rolling down a slope. While huge trees could not stop the rolling boulder, a tiny unassuming plant brought it to a standstill.

The brothers who were amazed and puzzled at what they saw, returned to Lord Krishna and described what they saw and requested Him to explain the meaning of these sightings.

The Lord explained to Yudhishtir that the two trunks symbolized the double standards that rulers in Kali Yuga would have… Saying something to the people but doing something else.

About the bird that Arjuna saw, Krishna explained that fraudulent people would abound, who pretend to have a lot of Spiritual Knowledge and would go about showing off their knowledge. But in reality, most would be fake Gurujis who are only seeking the wealth of other people by hook or crook. In short, they would be like vultures.

Regarding the loving cow that Bhima saw, the Lord explains that in Kali Yuga, parents will spoil their children by pampering and over-attention. Denied the space to grow and explore life, the lives of such children will be shallow and they will not be able to grow in wisdom.

When Sahadeva described the three wells he saw, Krishna says that rich people will spend money lavishly on food, drinks, weddings and festivals, but will not bother about their poorer brethren who are starving without basic needs.

About the amazing sight that Nakula saw, Lord Krishna explains that the tall and huge tree of ill-gotten wealth of the people will not be able to save them from the rolling boulder of accumulated bad karma (sins). But a tiny sapling representing the holy ‘Hari Om’ name of God Almighty will only have the potential to save these sinners from the effect of their misdeeds.

The Pandavas were overwhelmed at this great explanation of Lord Krishna and bowed to Him in Reverence.








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