Mother Earth, the La Belle de Celeste was in a hurry.

The Celestial Court was to convene an urgent session. Her loyal generals three, who had never asked for anything before, had requested Her Highness, Mother Earth, to convene this session.

Though it was an extraordinary request, coming from Her mighty generals, the Mother knew what it was about.

But She also knew She had to acquiesce, as Noblesse Oblige.

Thus Her Royal Majesty, La Belle de Earth glided gracefully in, clad in flowing green robes and adorned by a rainbow.

After She occupied Her Throne, She clapped Her elegant brown hands and said,

“Summon them now."

The three powerful Celestial Generals walked in,

Agni the Fire, Vayu the Air and Varun the Water.

They bowed to Her Highness and were guided to their seats after Mother Earth smiled in acknowledgement.

“So what's troubling you three powerful gentlemen that you wanted to see me so urgently "

" It's alas about your most favorite son, Mother," said Varun, “Human activities have polluted me, killed and maimed many of my citizens in the ocean. My icebergs are disintegrating; my waters are swelling beyond my capacities."

Vayu bowed and continued, “I feel so dirty and impure, standing in front of Your Highness. My birds and other children are choking, even the perpetrators are themselves suffering, but they realize not the damage they do."

It was Agni's turn, “I have given them enough fuel and energy to last several generations more, but their greed makes them devour everything right now."

Mother Earth was sad to hear this about God's most precious Creation but decided to be firm.

“What do you suggest, my great generals?”, She asked.

“To teach them a lesson, Your Highness. It is required on top priority to bring humans to their senses before it is too late. It is for the well being of all your children including the humans," they said and bowed.

La Belle de Celeste was silent, just for a short spell.

Then She shrugged Her elegant shoulders and said with a Royal sigh,

“Go ahead, but try to be not too harsh!"

The generals bowed and left.

It transpired then that wildfires started raging, powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and floods ravaged many places for many months on, causing great hardships to the humans and other creatures too. The temperatures soared where it never did before and dropped alarmingly elsewhere.

Humans and other species everywhere were subject to unprecedented suffering by the determined and concerted action of the loyal Generals.

But Alas!

Till now, humans don't seem to have understood, haven't shed their greedy ways haven't learned their lesson. Though the number of concerned people is increasing, the important humans, the powerful ones who need to act are yet to wake up.

Mother Earth is watching with love and anxiety, fellow humans.

Time to Wake Up!.



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