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Seldom have we seen or read about a brother from a Royal family who was so sincere and devoted to his brother or sister like Bharata was to Sri Rama. Bharata was in fact, a half brother, being son of Kaikeyi, one of King Dasaratha’s three wives. As we all probably know, Bharata was, against his will, forced to become the King of Ayodhya instead of the eldest son of King Dasaratha. The latter was sadly tricked into this by the cunning manipulations of Kaikeyi, with the help of her wicked lady attendant, Manthara. Bharata, unlike most other such Royal brothers in history, didn’t jump and grab the opportunity. He was thoroughly unhappy about this deceit of his mother and even threatened to assault her, though she was doing it for his ascension to the throne! That’s why Bharata should be considered as the noblest and most exemplary brother ever. In fact, Bharata ,in consultation with the wise sages like Vasishta, decided to go to the forest where Rama, Sita and Lakshman had gone fo
BHATTATHIRIPAD AND POONDHANAM There is a very touching story about the great Sanskrit Scholar Sri Bhattathiripad who wrote the poetic 'Narayaneeyam' in praise of Lord Krishna. Narayaneeyam is a poetic narration by Bhattathiripad about the omnipotent Lord Narayana and his ten ‘avatars’ or births on Earth ,including as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. The poem is deeply devotional in nature as it dwells on the Divine Glories in all its verses. Earlier Bhattathiripad had been afflicted by very painful arthritis. When he started composing the epic Narayaneeyam at the famed Kerala Guruvayoor temple of Krishna, the pains are said to have vanished miraculously, due to the Blesings of Lord Krishna, the presiding deity of Guruvayoor temple. However this success unfortunately made him a bit proud of his achievement. When another poet, a humble person named Poondhanam approached him timidly to have a look at the latter’s work called ' Jnanapaana' ( Which too later became an epic