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TO PRAY TO THE LORD MANIFEST OR THE UNMANIFEST? Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. When reading chapter 12 of the Eternal song, Bhagvad Gita, one will find a question posed by Lord Arjuna to Lord Krishna as to whether it is superior to worship a manifest entity like Lord Krishna or to worship the Unmanifested, Inconceivable and changeless entities. To this, the Lord gives a beautiful reply stating that the yogins or devotees who are totally dedicated to His worship are the ones dearest to Him and are bound to attain His Lotus Feet quickest. However, the ones who choose to worship the Unmanifest, the Imperishable with a clean mind and dedicated to the well being of others will also reach the Lord’s Feet. The main difference, according to Him is that worshipping the Manifest Lord Krishna is much simpler for most of the people. Concentrating on an intangible Power-like the followers of Advaita do-is difficult to the majority. - Based on His Teachings as read in Chapter 12 of


LOVELINESS Loveliness is not all about physical beauty, It is also A smile shimmering through tear- stained eyes, A widening grin ironing out an elder's wrinkles, A mother's joy seeing her child eating well, A couple embracing joyfully in reunion, A calf jumping about in joy around mother cow, And many more...