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As he lay there, wallowing in stale rum and self-pity, know not how long; The red-eyed monster sprang up suddenly from the brimming liquor; Gulping down a glass of liquid fire, he roared, “Now! Shoot her now!” “She deserves no pity- who has let you down so badly.” Drowning in rum, he attempted to raise his head, Raising placatory hands to his personal devil, “Now, now, let us not go there, so afar! Remember, she used to be my cynosure till week last, It’s just a pity that she was charmed by someone else.” “Beware if you show any mercy to that unfaithful wretch!” Growled the beast, spitting out shards of glass in disgust and adding, “Be a man, take the sharpest knife and plunge it in her heartless heart.” He cried out loud and pleaded with folded hands, “No, no, can’t ever do that, please for Heaven’s sake, go away.” “Then you leave me with no other option,” sighed the monster, Stabbing him straight through the heart. “Cardiac arrest due to excessive sorrow and str


The greatest tragedy of many of us humans is that we are seldom aware of our blessings till we lose it...or are about to. I haven't visited my mom since maybe over 5 years...resentments, you know. Now I do, every day, hoping she will forgive me. I am now prepared to trade away half my wealth ...if only...she would come out of her deep sleep just this once... Today suddenly, a weak smile lights up her face as with half open eyes, she looks almost mischievously at me and gives a light slap on my wrist, before closing her eyes again. I am transported several years back with that gesture...the most enduring gift of forgiveness she always used to bestow on us children after a fight with us.


Lord Krishna is Infinitely merciful. Many indeed are His Teachings from the Eternal Song. Some of the life impacting Teachings are as follows: • Everyone has to engage in his or her prescribed duty. Relinquishment of action does not mean inaction. It implies doing one’s work without desire for the fruits thereof. • All are subject to the effect of the three gunas, namely Sattva(Essential goodness), Rajas(Materialistic ambition) and Tamas(Slovenliness) . Everyone’s nature is a mixture of these three. Thus a man is good, bad etc, depending on which guna dominates over the others. • Worship by any means or path leads ultimately to Him alone, if done with sincerity. • Keep the worship simple. Even a flower, leaf, fruit or a little water is enough as an offering unto Him. • There are many ways of attaining Him-The path of Karma (Selfless action), the path of Yoga, the path of Bhakti( Devotion) and the path of Knowledge. Everyone can select a path as suited to him or her. • Fruits

Creator Mother

Thousands upon thousands of species Have sprung forth over time unknown, From the fertile uterus of the Creator Mother Enriching the jungles and oceans of Earth. But never indeed was the Mother so proud Of the myriads and varieties of Her Creation As of the two legged one that came forth In Her Union with the Creator Father. Though weaker on legs than most creations, And lacking the astute senses of many others, This one, the amazing creation called Man Overcame all disadvantages with his brain. As the Creators watched in awe and pride, Man surpassed even Their wildest dreams, Using his greatest gift- his unique intelligence To establish himself as the most powerful . Alas, Their pride soon turns into shame, They watch in shock and desperation As man displays a callous lack of respect, For his Creators and fellow creations. They look on in horror as man, with impunity And a stupidity unworthy of his benediction, Is hell bent on destroying his own environm