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THE THREE PRIMAL QUALITIES FROM NATURE THAT BIND THE SOUL IN ATTACHMENT Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. In the Song, He tells His staunch devotee Arjuna about the three powerful qualities derived from Nature(Prakriti) called Guna(s). These three, both singly or in combination, exert a powerful influence on the immutable element of every man thus binding the Soul to the perishable body. These three binding qualities are namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Of these, Sattva is the quality the nature of which is what we call goodness. Good, unselfish deeds lead to accumulation of the clean and spotless Sattva, which however binds the immutable Spirit to the body by one’s attachment to knowledge and happiness. Rajas is all about overpowering ambition, lust for power and success which leads man to related action. If not in check, it causes a man to be deceitful, cruel and relentless in material pursuits and successes. Rajas quality thus binds one’s Soul by lust for action. T


Sacrifice not ewe lambs and fowls At the altar of the Deity. The Compassionate One Wants no plaintive cries from Her Creations. Sacrifice instead Callousness, Greed, and Lust, Break them like coconuts At the altar of The Compassionate One, And offer unto the ever glowing Fire Of Devotion and Faith. JAI MATA DI.


THE MANY WAYS TO PRAY TO THE LORD Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. He accepts your prayers whatever be your way, or whomsoever you worship. Like the waters of all rivers leading to the Ocean, all prayers flow to Him alone. ( Rig Veda) He says that you may, if you can, fix your mind and intellect on him and be always in His contemplation. That is the path of Knowledge or Jnana Yoga. However, if you find it difficult, you may choose the path of Yoga practice. In this the mind can be trained to meditate on Him and be brought back again and again when it gets distracted. This is the path of Raja Yoga. If you find the Yoga path cumbersome, you may resort to ritualistic worship as authorized by the sacred texts. This is the path of Karma Yoga. If your mind is not on rituals, you can take refuge in him, leading a self controlled life. Then there is the Bhakti path, the path of total devotion and surrender to the Lord. Even here, the Lord says, you need not make elaborate offe


LOVELINESS Loveliness is not all about physical beauty, It is also A smile shimmering through tear- stained eyes, A widening grin ironing out an elder's wrinkles, A mother's joy seeing her child eating well, A couple embracing joyfully in reunion, A calf jumping about in joy around mother cow, And many more...