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Seeing her eyes glow in excitement, Obviously though she has it all wrong, I rush to grab the correction opportunity, Till I have another look at the gleam in her eyes. Hell, I think, let me be wrong a hundred times over, If only to preserve that glorious joy, Rather than prove her wrong And watch her enthusiasm wither.


REASSURANCE FROM THE LORD Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. In reply to Arjuna’s query about the Lord’s incarnations in this world, He says, “Whenever there is a decline or degradation of Virtue and Righteousness in this world, I shall make my appearance to set things right again.” “For protection of the righteous and good people and for elimination of the wicked, I shall take birth again and again,as often as required.” Lord Krishna also demonstrates that He is truly an Infinite Being when he says that all paths taken by the believers are acceptable to Him. Whomsoever you worship, in whatever virtuous manner it be, the prayers end up at His Lotus Feet. Thus the merciful Krishna declares that all paths lead to Him ultimately. HARI OM. Based on His Teachings in Chapter 4 of the Bhagvad Gita.


There is, in the Lord's Abode in Guruvayoor, A common balance for weighment of offerings. It's called Thulabaram. Only, it is anything but common. A priest there is entrusted the task Of weighing the offerings you committed To Lord Krishna. It may be a few kilos of some vegetable Or fruit, grains or sugar or what you will. But it got to be necessarily what you committed! For, Have seen with my own eyes The priest struggling to weigh A couple of kilos or maybe three Of a certain vegetable, think it was yam. But it simply wouldn't balance, though he Kept on heaping the yam on it! Then, on the priest's asking, The devotee said he had thought Of a different vegetable, maybe raw banana, But had settled for yam since he couldn't Get the banana. The priest quickly removed the yam Asked the devotee to be back With the vegetable committed! Only then, the priest said with conviction, The weighment would happen.

It’s my life.

"It's my life," the young ones claim, And someone has even sung it, they say. "We will lead our lives as it pleases us, No anyone shall have any say." That's fine, quite right too, I dare say, It's your life, no dispute there. But it would help to sit and ponder, And words of mine to remember; " Can you even get a slice of bread, A drink, or think whatever you will, Without the effort of ‘others', Without the Will of a Power above?" Our fortunes are all intertwined, Now more than ever, Any action of yours, good or bad, Can find its echo far and near. Therefore Young ones: I would rather sing, " It's our lives."


God whispered in my ears, “Shhh! Do you have money to spare?” Thrilled, I replied in haste, “Yes, my Lord, how much do you want?” “I need nothing, you fool! So go not to any temple of Worship With your donation. Go there, to yonder starving child, Feed him a few morsels, And to that man in rags there, Get him some decent clothing. Go out into the world, Do whatever good you can, That way you will realize true wealth And the route to my heart.”


Time was when my ego was robust and strong, And proud of its own solid, impenetrable quality, And its sheer heaviness, though not physically visible; That was way long ago. Then I used to feel the weight of the ego in my head, And feel, like Atlas, as though carrying a constant burden. Others used to sense it too, and a few to suffer from it- from the weight of my ego! After many years and experiences that Lead to what they term as ‘maturity’, There is now a palpable difference. The ego, like anything else material, has aged, Many a hole has been punctured in the non-material ego By wordy barbs and by sharp shafts of cruel reality, And by the influence of other people’s egos. Hence it is now a well perforated and airy ego. It is much lighter now. It is well ventilated because of the holes, And no words or actions can cause any further damage, Because they pass right through. I am enjoying my perforated ego every day now. It's so nicely ventilated.


The ego is flattered and thrilled to the core When people say that I am oh –so- strong And have a broad and generous shoulder For the weak ones to cry upon. If only they knew about my heart’s troubled sinews, And the gashes I endure under my sashes, If only they knew I feel as much as the others, That my cold emotionless eyes and firm -appearing jaws Are but fronts put on by a puffed up ego To retain the image of the Herculean man. Where will I turn for solace then, Whose shoulder shall I weep upon, When even though a shoulder be thus lent, My ego will disallow to give vent.


KARMA YOGA THE WAY OF ACTION. Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. When the Lord Krishna persuades the despondent Arjuna to pick up the bow again and fight, the latter wonders why he should do ‘Action’ if ‘Knowledge’ is considered superior to action. To this, the Lord explains gently that no one can really remain without doing some action or other. Prakriti, acting through the three Gunas namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas propels a person constantly to action. Action is also required to maintain one’s own body and mind which will wither away and rot otherwise. Bhagwan Krishna also adds that He Himself, Who has nothing really to do in His Universe, still keeps at action for the sake of His Devotees. Whatever the leader does, his followers will imitate. Therefore, everyone has to indulge in proper prescribed action to set example to others. How wonderfully the Lord has brought out a cardinal principle of modern management by the above advice! Persons who think they have ‘r


THE THREE PRIMAL QUALITIES FROM NATURE THAT BIND THE SOUL IN ATTACHMENT Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. In the Song, He tells His staunch devotee Arjuna about the three powerful qualities derived from Nature(Prakriti) called Guna(s). These three, both singly or in combination, exert a powerful influence on the immutable element of every man thus binding the Soul to the perishable body. These three binding qualities are namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Of these, Sattva is the quality the nature of which is what we call goodness. Good, unselfish deeds lead to accumulation of the clean and spotless Sattva, which however binds the immutable Spirit to the body by one’s attachment to knowledge and happiness. Rajas is all about overpowering ambition, lust for power and success which leads man to related action. If not in check, it causes a man to be deceitful, cruel and relentless in material pursuits and successes. Rajas quality thus binds one’s Soul by lust for action. T


Sacrifice not ewe lambs and fowls At the altar of the Deity. The Compassionate One Wants no plaintive cries from Her Creations. Sacrifice instead Callousness, Greed, and Lust, Break them like coconuts At the altar of The Compassionate One, And offer unto the ever glowing Fire Of Devotion and Faith. JAI MATA DI.


THE MANY WAYS TO PRAY TO THE LORD Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful. He accepts your prayers whatever be your way, or whomsoever you worship. Like the waters of all rivers leading to the Ocean, all prayers flow to Him alone. ( Rig Veda) He says that you may, if you can, fix your mind and intellect on him and be always in His contemplation. That is the path of Knowledge or Jnana Yoga. However, if you find it difficult, you may choose the path of Yoga practice. In this the mind can be trained to meditate on Him and be brought back again and again when it gets distracted. This is the path of Raja Yoga. If you find the Yoga path cumbersome, you may resort to ritualistic worship as authorized by the sacred texts. This is the path of Karma Yoga. If your mind is not on rituals, you can take refuge in him, leading a self controlled life. Then there is the Bhakti path, the path of total devotion and surrender to the Lord. Even here, the Lord says, you need not make elaborate offe


LOVELINESS Loveliness is not all about physical beauty, It is also A smile shimmering through tear- stained eyes, A widening grin ironing out an elder's wrinkles, A mother's joy seeing her child eating well, A couple embracing joyfully in reunion, A calf jumping about in joy around mother cow, And many more...


A Tamil gentleman nearly got clobbered when he appreciated the food served for lunch at his Telugu friend’s place. The poor guy innocently said ‘Pramadham’ which means ‘Excellent’ in Tamil, but unfortunately means ‘Danger’ in Telugu! ‘Tamasha’ means ‘light stuff’, ‘Comedy’ etc in Malayalam, but beware if you use it flippantly with the Hindi speaking people. Indiscreet use of this word- which means a street dance or something in Hindi- is not received kindly by them. The simple word ‘Avasar’- which also is a Sanskrit root word- means ‘Occasion’ in Hindi; ‘Avasaram’ means ‘Requirement’ in Telugu; ‘Opportunity’ in Malayalam and ‘Hurry’ in Tamil! There must of course be several such examples in the various languages ‘spooken’ in our delightful India.


Today, I got a call from my husband’s office that he was missing-had gone out of the office for some fresh air and never turned up. When I told them he hadn’t come home either, they reassured me that they would spare no efforts to find him. *** To others, he was Dilraj Sekhar, a computer genius climbing the ladder of success-many steps at a go. To me Anila, a copywriter, he was simply the loving and adorable Dil, who always found time for me in the midst of his codes and programs. That’s why I was concerned when he started sporting a faraway, worried look in his brown eyes. When I tried to cheer him by complimenting his intellect, he shocked me by saying-quite uncharacteristically -that sometimes he wondered if ignorance weren’t indeed bliss. I was now getting real worried. I wondered whether he was under heavy work stress, being a key man in his firm- an authority on AI, which seemed to be the hottest topic nowadays. But whenever I asked about AI, he would simply say, “I


The artificially intelligent, self-styled ‘Chief Executing Executioner’ grunted with satisfaction after surveying the vast wastelands of Earth laid waste with literally super human efficiency. “Run the scan over the entire Planet again, just to be sure,” The CEE thundered at his loyal ‘General-In –Command’. We don’t want any survivors when we begin our total takeover.” The G-I-C obediently ran the mega scan of the whole planet Earth painstakingly. After the process, he quietly switched off the scan and said, “Perfect job, chief. Not a single life to be seen anywhere.” He paused awhile and said, “May I borrow your LL for a quick physical surveillance however?” LL was the fastest moving thing designed by an AI, owned by the CEE now. It stood for ‘Lubricated Lightning’- AI had its own sense of humor. The CEE looked at his assistant with a little suspicion, “Now why would you do that if you are so sure?” “Anyway, be sure to be back in a couple of hours in time for our celebrat


Obviously there are more than three principles to be followed for a happy and long lasting relationship with your partner. However, I thought it might be useful to share three which I believe will stand the test of time, meaning to say they will always be relevant. The first of the three is the most well-known, as it is emphasized always by all the relationship gurus. In view of its supreme importance, I take the liberty of repeating yet again. TRUST: The absolute and total importance of this eternal relationship principle cannot be overstated-In fact, it is applicable to any relationship which has to last long and well. Trust is vital not only in fidelity-related matters but also in everything that you share when living together. There would be such a wonderful ambience of real love and freedom if the partners held each other in esteem and total trust. Even if the boat is rocked occasionally by serious doubts and suspicions, the clouds are to be immediately cleared by talking


Dear friends, time it is now to hearken to the heartwarming tale of Sudama, Who had for his childhood and bosom friend none other than Lord Krishna. But while the little Krishna became King of Dwaraka, as ordained by destiny, Sudama, the poor Brahmin lived nearby with his family in abject poverty. It never once occurred to Sudama to approach for help Krishna the king, But when his children starved, his wife goaded him to ask for something. Thus it was that Sudama ventured to meet his dear friend Krishna, Carrying with him only a rag- wrapped gift of rice Poha! When the all-knowing king Krishna knew his friend was at his palace gate, He came running barefoot to greet him, leaving beholders in amazement agape. Embracing his dear school friend, he, with the queen took him inside and made him rest, Washing his feet and showering him with love, they made Sudama feel like a privileged guest. Recalling happily their younger days, the two friends forgot the pa


Time was when the Gods themselves teamed up with their foes, the demons In order to get the nectar of Immortality by churning the cosmic oceans. But alas! Before they could get the much desired nectar Amrita, The ocean churned out the deadly poison called halahalakalakuta. Seeing the danger to His Creation in the whole Universe, Lord Brahma the Creator requested help from Lord Shiva- all in tears. Then it was that the Almighty Shiva swallowed the deadly kalakuta, And retaining the poison in his throat became Blue- Throated Nilakanta. Irrespective of whether this is legend or fable, One thing is for sure; It is a great parable. That God himself aids the faithful in the Spiritual path to arise By helping them to clean up their every material vice. REF: SABARI