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I happened to read a forwarded message recently about a mom explaining to her scientist son the interpretation of the ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu in terms of the Darwinian theory of Evolution. Since it sounded quite logical and interesting, I thought I would elaborate a bit on this, though the credit for this certainly goes to the unknown author of the message. As many among us know, ‘DASAVATHARAM’ refers to the ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu who is considered the Supreme Godhead as per Hindus. It is believed that the Almighty appeared in our world from time to time (Over different Yugas or eras) for the Universal Good and to combat evil and re-establish Dharma in our world. As we know, his Incarnations or Avatars as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are the most well known, among all others. THE FIRST AVATAR: MATSYA AVATAR is the Lord’s first Incarnation. Matsya means fish. Since life is believed to have started in the oceans, this ought to go well with Darwin’s theor


The strongest bond is   That which is made by Heartstrings. The loveliest thing is The smile lighting up The beloved’s face. The firmest grip is Dad's, When guiding the child In its first steps. The safest place is Mom's bosom, for a Child in distress. A person who has experienced   All that, Has indeed lived.