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The fifth of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu was this Vamana, Who took the appearance of a short statured, cute Brahmana. Mahabali, an asur in the lineage of Hiranyakasip and though very just and powerful, Was envied by the Devas, because he had all the worlds including theirs, to rule. Knowing the difficulty of overcoming the virtuous Mahabali in any direct war, To recover the Devas’s world, Lord Vishnu decided to take the Vamana Avatar. Thus the Lord adopted a clever little ploy And appeared in front of Mahabali as a Brahmin boy. Mahabali,conducting a yajna, was giving, whatever asked,  to brahmins in charity, Dimunitive Vamana asking only for land equaling his three steps, it hurt his vanity. He saw Vamana cover the entire earth in the first, the sky and beyond in the second step, Having nothing else to offer, Mahabali humbly offered his head for the third step. Though the Lord sent Mahabali to the regions down under by pressing down, Seeing his goodness,


THE AWESOME FURY OF A WOMAN WRONGED. This is an epic story about a chaste Tamil woman named Kannagi who wreaked revenge on a powerful king and the capital of his kingdom for unjustly executing her innocent husband. Kannagi features as the protagonist in a Tamil epic by name ‘Silappadhikaram’.  The title implies that this is a story involving a ‘chilambu’ or anklet. Kannagi, a lovely woman, is wedded to Kovalan, who is the son of a rich man. The couple lives happily in a town called Kaveripattinam, till a new woman named Madhavi enters Kovalan’s life. Infatuated by Madhavi, Kovalan forgets the faithful Kannagi for some time, and spends both time and money on this illicit affair. Finally, when all his wealth is thus frittered away, Kovalan returns like a prodigal son to his wife’s loyal arms. Kannagi epitomizes the amazing and true Indian loyalty of an Indian wife when she receives him back with love unhesitatingly, and even offers her only valuable possession- a


His Heaviness ascended the creaky podium, He had to address a political  meeting, Though he disliked the dreadful tedium, He had to do it, though he preferred eating. If elected- he thundered- "We will banish poverty," "And what else, you cloth head?" He demanded in an angry whisper -of his harassed secretary. "Corruption?" "Ah yes! Corruption!" he gleefully added. Alas! When he waited for applause, there was silence! "Why, why?"He demanded an answer from the harassed. "The pre-paid crowd is economy class, no add- ons; for applause, whistling and so on, need extra money." "Upgrade immediately," roared he, "you son of an oaf!" Then the required phone call was made in real hurry, The  crowd now cheered, bringing down the roof. His Heaviness was happy, could go home and have curry.                 


NISHKALANK MAHADEV TEMPLE IN BHAVNAGAR, GUJARAT DURING HIGH TIDE   DURING LOW TIDE A temple under the sea! Yes, you are right. It is a temple, that too, a functional temple right under the sea in a place called Koliyak in Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat in North Western India. Every day, when the tide is high, only a mast and a flag are visible from the coast. Then, when the waters recede, they reveal a wondrous Shiva temple which is now accessible to the eagerly waiting devotees at about one and a half km into the sea. Lord Shiva is the deity at this temple; He is called the Nishkalank or pure Shiva-free from imperfections. Devotees throng this place of worship with offerings during the tide recession and hurry back in time before the tide builds up again. The demand for auspicious Darshan of the Lord peaks during the new moon phase and the full moon phase, when the tides are also most powerful- but then such is the faith of the Shiva bhak


                                                                                                                 Once many centuries ago a ship was in great distress due to a storm, Off  Malpe’s coast, it was drifting and the crew was in great alarm. Meanwhile the great seer Sri Madhavacharya who was in meditation Could, with his powers divine, sense the storm and the ship’s agitation. When the Saint with his yogic powers was able to calm the storm, The ship with crew made landfall at Malpe, no one coming to harm. When the grateful captain offered anything in the ship to the seer as reward, Madhavacharya wanted Krishna’s sandalpaste covered statue he knew was in the ship’s ward.  The great saint , after required rituals consecrated the deity; Thus was born the great Lord Krishna temple at Udipi. It is said that when a certain Kanakadasa was denied darshan , his caste considered low, Then the Krishna deity turned around to enable his devotee’s


The irate parent had now been waiting for over an hour to see the teacher. He wanted to meet her to discuss something about his daughter who was in this class. As time passed, he frowned and grew more and more angry. Finally, when the teacher arrived, he greeted her and added a bit testily, “What made you come so late? Wish you could have been a little more punctual.” The teacher apologized for the delay. Then she sighed and added, “Wish someone would tell that to Mr. Venkatraman, the bank official I was trying to meet today.” “By the way, may I know your name and for which student you have come, sir?” asked the teacher and looked on in puzzlement as Venkatraman, the bank official, suddenly turned around and disappeared without a word.


God was struck with Wonderment As none under His Firmament Had ever asked for a boon, Such as wanted by Mr.Loon. “Evolution, O Lord, I do hail; But please return me my tail. For, every time I see a monkey, I turn green with envy. Oh, Things I could happily do If only I had a tail too; Hang upside down from a tree And read a book, swinging free! Hold a cell phone or what I like, With both hands still on the bike; Drink coffee, tea or whatever, Even while holding the newspaper.” Hearing this from Mr. Loon, God fell in a great swoon. When last we heard- Mr Loon Is still awaiting his boon, Hoping God will recover soon.


Ah! It’s started to beautifully rain, So it’s time for me to feign, An infection, cold or any pain, A day off, with sympathy to gain. But alas! spousey says, ‘Off to work! You lazy, cunning little jerk, Calling in sick to watch buxom ladies twerk, Watching your lusty channels, with a daylong smirk.’ But when she says, ‘If you still be insisting, I will rope you in for housekeeping,' I look out, sigh, ‘The rain, it seems, has stopped, My leave plan for today is hence dropped.’


Desperate they were, to teach me to be smart; Poor learner that I was, they were at wit’s end. My folks believed firmly that I had too much soft matter That  needed to be hardened- to make me worldly wise- And ‘smart’. They took me to a vegetable market and pointed out some smarties; One I saw- a pot bellied- rich looking guy, In aggressive dialogue with a poor, wizened old lady (Who must have spent a full day under the scorching sun), Haggling smartly for a bargain of a couple of rupees. “Learn smartness from him!” They pointed out. Then and there I decided, Smartness is not for me. If that be smart, I have no doubt then, Un-smartness is my choice.


This is but an anecdote, supposed to be make you laugh, But if you find it irksome, you may as well scoff.   A wise man of humble means decided to call on a King, He carried a gift of bananas, unable to afford any other thing. Royalty was furious; felt slighted seeing the meager gift, “Shove it up his ---!” he roared; “And do it really swift”. When the guards hastened to execute the king’s will promptly, They were surprised that the visitor was laughing uproariously. They demanded to know why, in spite of the punishment he was so full of mirth, He roared helplessly, “Outside is another man with a jack-fruit of considerable girth.”