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Year 2010: Ramu, the Indian home help appeared excited, “Sir, your people have arrived!” Vivek was visibly angry. “Why are you excited about this? And don’t you dare call them my people!” Ramu was puzzled as he had thought Vivek would be happy to receive his boss and his mistress on tour from India, in his little cottage in Singapore. Vivek, who was ashamed of his outburst, sighed and thought, ‘If only he knew the facts…” As he watched the couple alighting from their magnificent car, lovebirds hand in hand, all his hatred and resentment welled up, snowballed and settled somewhere in his throat, choking him. *** Year 2008: He watched as his wife of three years, Richa went about her household work. Though not very good looking, she had a great figure. Unknown to his docile wife, Vivek was feeling the heat building up in his loins as he fantasized about wife swapping with friends, group sex, orgies and so on. His only problem was how to initiate this see

Sixteen cardinal rules for valuing a relationship-Part 3

In this third and last part, I would like to present six more rules for a healthy relationship, making it sixteen in total. 11.THINK TWICE BEFORE CONFIDING A SECRET. I would rate this as a very important rule to maintain the health of any valued relationship. We tend to take our near and dear into confidence when we are on very cordial terms. Nothing wrong in this. But if there is an unsavory or juicy aspect to the secret, just think again before making this person your confidant. If, unfortunately, some misunderstanding creeps in ,you might then regret telling the secret to them. Also, by expecting them to hold on to this secret, you are unnecessarily putting a strain on the relationship.   12.NEVER OVERSTAY WHILE VISITING; MAKE IT SHORT AND SWEET . ‘The magic of the minimum dose’ as they say in Homeopathy is to be applied while visiting people. In my personal experience, I have seen the relevance of this simple rule. When you visit and overstay your welc


Out of sixteen cardinal rules for demonstrating value for any relationship, I discussed six in my last post, which was part-1 of this article. With your kind permission, may I now present the next four rules as part-2 of this article. Again, I would gently remind the readers that by relationship, I mean any kind, not only the romantic variety. 7. CRITICIZE NOT PERSONS DEAR TO THEM. You may worship your maternal aunt, but detest her husband, your uncle. There might be a dozen reasons for this, but the rule to be kept in mind here is to maintain a stoic silence about it. Quite possibly, you may not be able to enjoy your aunt’s company exclusively without the detested guy barging in. But it is just one of the facts of life faced by almost everyone in relationships. If you try to cozy up to one avoiding the other, it is going to become obvious to the concerned people quite soon. This is going to strain your valued relationship with the aunty. It can get much worse much


Relationships are everything in life.Can you imagine a lonely, meaningless life without any human being to talk to or cosy up with? Here, in this present context, I mean any human relationship and not just the romantic kind. But how do you show your appreciation, the value you attach to any such relationship, be it friend, lover, siblings or other relatives? After studying this aspect deeply and putting some thought into it, I have concluded the following to be the most important ways to show your people that you care about them. The study may not be adequate or may not find full acceptance among you. I would be delighted to receive your views on this extremely important topic in human relationships. 1.     LISTEN TOTALLY: Of all the ways to show your concern for the person you care about, I think this should occupy pride of place. Often, we half heartedly listen to people when they talk to us when we are watching TV, or doing something on smart phone, computer