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She is dazzlingly beautiful and infinitely gracious in her benevolent aspect, She is all powerful and blood curdlingly frightening in her terrifying aspect, She is Shakti, the Mother of the Universe, the luminous embodiment of pure energy, She is Simhavahini- astride a lion- and the destroyer of evil, the savior of the virtuous. Durga was created by the trinity of Gods with their concentrated power and energy, When the whole Earth and even the Heavens were shaking with fear and in jeopardy; Ever since the menacing and terrifying Mahishasur, the buffalo demon, Bagged a boon from Lord Shiva that he could be killed by no man.   Thus ,created by the Gods themselves with a mission to destroy the powerful Mahishasur, Durga is concentrated pure and Infinite Energy in woman form, built to annihilate evil. Equipped by the Gods with spears, trident, conch, mace, sword and many a weapon, Durga fought a terrib


The importance of Friendship , by Jane Collingwood is an interesting read and should take just three minutes of your valuable time. ( ) “The noble man is most involved with wisdom and friendship.”  -Epicurus There is a vital cause for modern social problems, beyond just divorce, homelessness and obesity-and that is   friendship -says the author. Quoting researchers, the author says that our society is apparently ignoring its importance. Referring to the Gallup Organization’s director, Tom Rath, the author says that the former believes that ‘we are all aware of the value of friendship especially during difficult times.’   In his book, Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford To Live Without, Rath reportedly makes the point that if you ask people why they became homeless, why their marriage failed or why they overeat, they often say it is because of the poor quality, or nonexistence, of friendshi

For those among you who love the great , open outdoor life, the following blog might be interesting: This blog has several interesting posts on tents in the shape of vans and SUVs, fishing apparatus, pontoons, hunting jackets and so on.


His Heaviness climbed onto the platform and looked around in satisfaction. There was a crowd down there to listen to his brilliant campaign speeches on behalf of (AtoZ) party. He had a reputation as a good crowd puller. The crowd was literally pulled there in lorries and bullock carts. The cheap liquor bottles enticed the simple men folk and the lure of currency attracted the women. “Friends and dear countrymen,” started His Heaviness, “If I win this election, I will enact law to protect all single women” he said with emotion and banged the table so hard that a flying missile took off from the table and hit a single woman in the front row who ran away, terrified. “I will root out poverty”, he shouted, “ and—er—and weed out corruption”, he added, after an uneasy glance at the currency pile kept in a corner, to be distributed after the meeting. A farmer from the subbest of suburbs hadn’t heard of these and looked inquiringly at his friend. “Poverty comes in roots and corr


(WHAT WORKS FOR ME)   Storms raging in your mind can upset your mind equilibrium, leading to distress of both mind and body. As you know, such disturbances may arise due to many reasons like deep anxiety about some matter, jealousies, hatred and so on. The objective of this article is not to go into such reasons, but to discuss possible ways of restoring some peace of mind every time, before the fury peaks. Of course, it is easier said than done because your mind-your most valued possession- is also the most difficult thing to bring under leash. In fact, it is well nigh impossible, except by some great yogi or other, to bring the mind under control. All that most of us can hope is to distract the mind temporarily from the fiery emotions by some means. And you know very well that this isn’t a cake walk either! Now, I would like to share with my readers what works for me. I am an ordinary person like many among you, with no formal training in mind control te


Two venerable old professors they were, Very intelligent and knowledgeable indeed. But their minds being always among equations and diagrams-  -Were generally absent from mundane present circumstances. One day, these two gentlemen at the local railway station, Were fighting real hard with their respective memories, And with each other too, Trying to figure out which among them Was supposed to board the train, And which one had come To see the other off. Alas, by the time they could agree, The train chugged in, increasing their worry. But lo! Soon came their savior, a common friend, Briefcase in hand, smiling and waving at them. The two professors rushed to him beaming in joy, Not just on seeing him but for resolving their dilemma. But before they could thank him, they saw, to utter dismay, The train had started chugging off! “Come, come,” they shouted, and dragged him by the hand, Without listening to his protestations, they pushe


HOW NOT TO TREAD ON YOUR PARTNER’S EMOTIONAL TOES Life and living are all about relationships. You, I, he and she all live and thrive on good relationships. Though the word Relationship covers the entire gamut of human bonds- this post-on the eve of Valentine’s Day is about romantic relationships. I have read often that one has to work on relationships. I would prefer to say that one has to act with awareness and be always sensitive to the other’s feelings. Put simply, just keep your emotional intelligence always on alert so as not to tread on your partner’s emotional toes. 1.     TELL ‘I LOVE YOU’ AGAIN AND AGAIN. And then again and again…In the bedroom, in the bath, in the kitchen, out in the streets…wherever. Sounds tame and old fashioned? Well, there is nothing tame about love. Never be tired of announcing your love to your precious partner. Be generous in your hugs and kisses. 2.     SPLURGE A BIT. If your partner is in the mood for a little rec


“What’s wrong?” wondered Hari, sitting on a bench in his verandah, as he saw the boys come running like mad from the temple. They seemed to be shit scared and fleeing from something. Akil, breathless, reached first. “He is unconscious …is Raju! He said in frenzied excitement. “The ball…blood…ball” he said incoherently, in shock and out of breath. *** Just about an hour earlier, some village elders had chided some of the young mothers for allowing their children to play cricket in the temple backyard. As the women wrung their hands to express helplessness, one of the elders shook his head in strong disapproval, “You ought to know that it is not advisable to be in the backyard after 6pm…spirits might be roaming…you know.” “We do tell them, but they simply ignore us, saying that the place is quite spacious and ideal for cricket,’ said one. “Do you still believe this trash?” asked another. The villager just gave her a contemptuous look and told the ladie