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  One skill which is essential as a common, powerful tool across all the bandwidths of various professions is the skill to communicate effectively. This one skill alone can make all the difference between a winning ‘horse’ and an ‘also ran’. The ‘gift of the gab’ has always been extolled from beginning of human civilization. But as the pundits of communication will agree, communication skill is not about just talking incessantly or voluminously. On the contrary, the chatterboxes may be considered very poor in communication. The Science of Communications has taken giant strides and facilitated communications at unbelievable speed between unimaginable distances. It has also enabled availability of modern technology to all at reasonable cost. In good old times, it is believed that people even used to rely on pigeons for conveying messages. Contrast that with today where people stay pigeon - holed in their rooms to send messages across the globe in seconds!   Bu


THE WONDERFUL APPA RAO  I KNEW Thomas Gray wrote, in ‘An elegy written in a country churchyard’ “Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air.” What would you say if you were to see some of the finest human qualities in a poor, illiterate person, struggling daily for livelihood? A man, who could be a role model for the most educated and mature among us? A gem of purest ray serene? I WAS LUCKY TO HAVE KNOWN SUCH A PERSON IN MY LIFETIME. HIS NAME WAS APPA RAO. Appa Rao walked into our lives one day in the early 1990s when we were on the lookout for a Man-Friday to take care of my bedridden father. Appa Rao introduced himself as the husband of our recently hired domestic help. Politely declining our offer of a seat, he plunked down and sat cross-legged on the floor, smiling at us. Being a dhobi by profession, he offered to wash our clothes, in a


  I hope I do not mislead readers into thinking that this is an article on a spiritual matter…there are many Great Gurus for that…who write and talk about the Inner Self, the Real Self etc. Also I do not pretend to lay claims to any great psychological insight in the lines that follow. These are my own thoughts…those of an ordinary individual past his middle age, who is fond of observing life and the living. But I am quite hopeful that at least some of you will agree with the things I am going to say. ·        OPINION ABOUT OTHERS: Most among us are quick to form opinions about other people’s attitudes, mannerisms and behavior in general, aren’t we? We love to engage in this pastime either singly, or in groups. We can be quite merciless too when we form or create such images of others. Though we have been exhorted to ‘judge not’, we do that all the time. Over a period of time, these ‘images’ or perceptions of our friends, foes or relatives crystallize and lo! We c


She is fierce and fearsome, she is compassionate, she is Bhadrakali, At Kondungallur in Thrissur, she is the awesome presiding deity. Adorned with weapons and holding aloft a demon’s head, Savior of the virtuous, to the wicked of heart, she causes dread.  In the Bhagavathy’s deity, the spirit of Kannagi is also said to reside, The valiant lady of the Tamil epic Silappadhikaram and Madurai’s pride. The annual Bharani festival is very colorful with devotional fervor and energetic Devotees yelling and many oracles rattling sabres make this occasion unique.


Robin nudged Meera, “So then we can consider the matter settled, right?” “ What is supposed to be settled, Robin?” “Come on Meera, we discussed sending Ratan to Boarding School at Ooty, didn’t we....” “O yes, I remember now- he is to be sent away before we tie the knot! I do remember… I also recall refusing to send away my son… and emphasizing that I am not trading my son for our selfish happiness.” Meera sighed and added, “There is no change in my stand, Robin. Ratan stays. You simply have to learn to accept him.” *** A few days later.  “Wow, Mom, the kites are beautiful!” It was kite flying season and the three- Meera, Robin and Ratan were out on the terrace, along with many others, armed with beautifully crafted kites of various designs. Each one of them was flying a kite, watching it soar into the air. There was the usual friendly competition as to whose kite would soar highest. During this joyous occasion, Robin sidled to Meera and whispe