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One of the saddest phrases in English is probably, “If only…” That is what Cardinal Wolsey said when he fell from the grace of King Henry the eighth: “But if I had served God as diligently as I have done the King, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.”   Since ‘If only…’ phrase generally implies regret for a mistake done, it is also very important that we move on after learning something from the mistake.  There are very few indeed- if at all- who can claim genuinely that they have never erred. The saddest stories are scripted for those who cling to the nonredeemable past and refuse to look ahead. 


He was a great sculptor, was legendary Jakanachari; Hence he was known as the immortal Amarashilpi. When his work demanded his attention total, He left home, both dear wife and child- still foetal. Engrossed in creating beautiful sculptures and temple carvings, Jakanachari totally forgot family and other normal cravings. After many years passed, he was assigned a work at Hoysala, An idol to sculpt lovingly for the temple of Chennakesava. When at Belur his beloved handiwork was to be installed, Suddenly, another sculptor, a stranger, on him called. When Dankanachari claimed a flaw in the idol to be there, Jakanchari swore to cut off own hand if any there were. Alas! A flaw was discovered in the marvel, A live frog seen lurking in the navel, After the sculptor sadly cut off his own arm, He realized it was his own son, caused him this harm. Then father and son hugged each other at this loss, And prayed to the Lord this bad time would pas