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During my long innings in a steel mill, I had the opportunity to be a subordinate as well as a mini boss to many people in the hierarchy. I have keen interest in human nature and used to observe behavior of people in various roles like worker, union leader, boss or subordinate. The fact that most bosses were also subordinates rendered the study of their dual roles more interesting. The golden rule of Jesus, “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was rarely, if at all, followed by these leaders when dealing with their own subordinates. However, the objective of this article is to highlight a few common behavioral patterns of some of the employees who were ascending the corporate ladder at a pace disproportionate to their skills and capabilities at work.  Though this is written in a lighter vein and not recommended as an alternative to smart/hard work, the strategies mentioned are from real life observation and have arguably contributed to the not-so-deserv


                                                                   DEALING WITH DIFFICULT IR SITUATIONS. IR situations can be like live ticking bombs and can explode in your face if not tackled with great care. The important features are that they are usually sudden (unlike planned agitations), incendiary in nature, highly charged with volatile emotions, and can turn explosively violent at the drop of a hat. THE TRIGGER   The trigger for the situation can be almost anything, perhaps as simple as an ‘absent marking’ of an influential employee, or an accident involving one or more employees. But the crowd can swell with alarming rapidity, often leading to an intractable IR situation.                                               DIFFICULTIES INHERENT                                                   The difficulties involved in such IR situations are as follows: •         Identifying a leader to deal with. •         Preventing a volcani