Why is India the Soul of collective Humanity? The reasons are; *Many vibrant religions took birth here in India. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism among others. * Christianity came to India( Kerala and Tamilnadu) even before it arrived in Europe! *The oldest languages known to man, like Tamil and Sanskrit are from India. * Indians have proven to be the most accommodative and considerate people in the world. Three historical events support this: 1) The Parsis arrived in India sometime in 8th or 9th century AD in a kind of self exile from the then Persia( Iran), to safeguard their religion and culture. They were received warmly by the rulers that time in present Mumbai region. They kept their promise to be as ' milk in water', meaning they would effortlessly live in harmony with the local populace. 2) The second event concerns the arrival of Jews in India, maybe as long back as the 12th century. These people, who have had to face persecution in many places all over the worl

Our mind...A reset

OUR MINDSET...A RESET. Why does a woman sometimes become a widow? It's something we all really know, It's because she had a husband! So it is not so difficult to comprehend. When this can happen to anyone, Why do many among us, strangely, mostly other women, Treat the widows of India badly, Hurting them, oh so sadly. When there be an auspicious function, They are kept in back seated isolation. Even in their children's wedding, alas! They cannot go to bless them, on the dais. It's time for us to change our mindset, And our attitude towards widows to reset As all our prayers will be in vain, If we inflict on these unfortunate ladies such pain.


It was like lightning at first sight, The light from your eyes searing My very Soul, I felt so like a harpooned fish, Pinned, impaled, Stuck hopelessly To your devilish good looks. You , my God! So hot, so very hot, Your looks could scorch the Sun. Evaporate all wisdom, Incinerate every discretion. Even in this swamp of heat, Even through the dense fog Of my senseless infatuation, I knew that you could never Ever be mine. You were alas! Cut out for much bigger Things in life. For much more deserving men, Taller, handsomer, richer, smarter guys, Just as a pot cannot grow A banyan tree, Nor a well hold An entire lake, I could never have you. Today the flame is extinguished, Today the infatuation is gone, Time has doused the fires , But you still remain as a sweet memory, Here's wishing you luck wherever you be. _______________


THE SIMPLE YET POWERFUL BALAJI TEMPLE Balaji is another name for Lord Vishnu, who is one of the three main Hindu deities. There is an internationally famous Balaji hill temple at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh in South India. This temple has lakhs of devotees thronging for a Darshan (Sighting) of the Lord Balaji deity all year around. Devotees sometimes have to wait several hours for a quick Darshan of the Lord. The crowds get even larger on festival and other auspicious days. There are several other Balaji temples across India of course, especially in the South of India. But there is one, relatively less known Balaji temple on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Telangana, India, which is quite special indeed. This is called the Chilukuru Balaji temple because it is located in a small village called Chilukuru, about 30 kms from Hyderabad. What then is special about this temple? Firstly, this unassumingly small temple is among the very few probably which doesn’t have a money donation hundi. I


Dorai had just come back after completing his terrible 'assignment' when the door bell rang. He was shocked and terrified beyond words when he saw his victim with the same wound marks inflicted by Dorai, carrying his own dead body in his arms. Dorai fell down in a dead swoon with a horrified expression. After checking his pulse, the victim's twin brother rose, satisfied that quick revenge had been extracted. He wiped away the paint marks with a grunt of satisfaction.


Robin nudged Meera, “So then we can consider the matter settled, right?” “What is supposed to be settled, Robin?” “Come on Meera, we discussed sending Ratan to Boarding School at Ooty, didn’t we....” “O yes, I remember now- he is to be sent away before we tie the knot! I do remember… I also recall refusing to send away my son… and emphasizing that I am not trading my son for our selfish happiness.” Meera sighed and added, “There is no change in my stand, Robin. Ratan stays. You simply have to learn to accept him.” *** A few days later. “Wow, Mom, the kites are beautiful!” It was kite flying season and the three- Meera, Robin and Ratan were out on the terrace, along with many others, armed with beautifully crafted kites of various designs. Each one of them was flying a kite, watching it soar into the air. There was the usual friendly competition as to whose kite would soar highest. During this joyous occasion, Robin sidled to Meera and whispered, “How about letting him g


. Rathnam looked around anxiously before signaling his mistress to leave. Luckily no one was to be seen around in the noon heat. After she left, Rathnam sighed in relief. There were still a couple of hours or so for his teacher wife to return from work He was about to go inside his house when he looked up for some reason and saw him. Up above, perched on a coconut tree, was a coconut-tree climber, grinning down at him like a moron. The ill-clad guy seemed to be mocking him silently. From his perch high above on the coconut tree, he could see things around him from a vantage point. His sardonic look seemed to imply to Rathnam’s guilty mind that this wretched climber knew everything about his family and his fooling around with a mistress. Rathnam gasped in anxiety at the implications of this. This tree climber could foment trouble in Rathnam’s life. One hint to his teacher wife and there would be hell to pay! Though he was very furious at the man’s sly smile, he decided to placate hi