There is a very touching story about the great Sanskrit Scholar Sri Bhattathiripad who wrote the poetic 'Narayaneeyam' in praise of Lord Krishna.
Narayaneeyam is a poetic narration by Bhattathiripad about the omnipotent Lord Narayana and his ten ‘avatars’ or births on Earth ,including as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. The poem is deeply devotional in nature as it dwells on the Divine Glories in all its verses.
Earlier Bhattathiripad had been afflicted by very painful arthritis. When he started composing the epic Narayaneeyam at the famed Kerala Guruvayoor temple of Krishna, the pains are said to have vanished miraculously, due to the Blesings of Lord Krishna, the presiding deity of Guruvayoor temple.
However this success unfortunately made him a bit proud of his achievement. When another poet, a humble person named Poondhanam approached him timidly to have a look at the latter’s work called ' Jnanapaana' ( Which too later became an epic poem), Bhattathiripad sent him off in contempt because the poem was in the native Malayalam language and not in Sanskrit.
After Poondhanam left, Bhattathiripad got back the severe pains that very night. Lord Krishna is then said to have appeared and chided him for his scholarly arrogance.
He said, " Poondhanam's 'Bhakti' ( devotion) is dearer to me than your 'Vibhakti'( scholarly grammar) .
When Bhattathiripad realised his folly and apologised to Poondhanam, his health was restored. He also guided Poondhanam to perfect his work, Jnanapaana.
Hari OM Krishna!


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