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Lord Krishna is Infinitely merciful.
Many indeed are His Teachings from the Eternal Song.
Some of the life impacting Teachings are as follows:
• Everyone has to engage in his or her prescribed duty. Relinquishment of action does not mean inaction. It implies doing one’s work without desire for the fruits thereof.
• All are subject to the effect of the three gunas, namely Sattva(Essential goodness), Rajas(Materialistic ambition) and Tamas(Slovenliness) . Everyone’s nature is a mixture of these three. Thus a man is good, bad etc, depending on which guna dominates over the others.
• Worship by any means or path leads ultimately to Him alone, if done with sincerity.
• Keep the worship simple. Even a flower, leaf, fruit or a little water is enough as an offering unto Him.
• There are many ways of attaining Him-The path of Karma (Selfless action), the path of Yoga, the path of Bhakti( Devotion) and the path of Knowledge. Everyone can select a path as suited to him or her.
• Fruits of action are burnt to ashes in the fire of pure devotion or knowledge.
• Everything including eating to be done in moderation.
• All creation is subject to the cycle of birth and death. But they (the creations) are unaware of past births. One can obtain freedom from this cycle and attain His Lotus Feet by sincerely following any of the Paths explained above.
• Even if one is unable to concentrate and follow the paths mentioned above, by merely surrendering everything unto His Wisdom,leading a Sattvic dominated life and praying to Him at the time of passing from this life , one may attain Mukti or freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.

Based entirely on His Gita Teachings to Lord Arjun on the Kurukshetra battlefield.



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