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Creator Mother

Thousands upon thousands of species
Have sprung forth over time unknown,
From the fertile uterus of the Creator Mother
Enriching the jungles and oceans of Earth.

But never indeed was the Mother so proud
Of the myriads and varieties of Her Creation
As of the two legged one that came forth
In Her Union with the Creator Father.

Though weaker on legs than most creations,
And lacking the astute senses of many others,
This one, the amazing creation called Man
Overcame all disadvantages with his brain.

As the Creators watched in awe and pride,
Man surpassed even Their wildest dreams,
Using his greatest gift- his unique intelligence
To establish himself as the most powerful .

Alas, Their pride soon turns into shame,
They watch in shock and desperation
As man displays a callous lack of respect,
For his Creators and fellow creations.

They look on in horror as man, with impunity
And a stupidity unworthy of his benediction,
Is hell bent on destroying his own environment
Like cutting the branch where one is seated.

Though the bell is tolling loud as it can,
The sand in the hour glass waning rapidly,
Man continues his journey of total destruction
Causing serious dismay to his very Creators.

Hope lies only with the Creator Mother or some wise men,
Urgently to drive some common sense into man,
As Mother Earth along with millions of her children
Are writhing in agony created by senseless humans.



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