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The fifth of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu was this Vamana,
Who took the appearance of a short statured, cute Brahmana.
Mahabali, an asur in the lineage of Hiranyakasip and though very just and powerful,
Was envied by the Devas, because he had all the worlds including theirs, to rule.

Knowing the difficulty of overcoming the virtuous Mahabali in any direct war,
To recover the Devas’s world, Lord Vishnu decided to take the Vamana Avatar.
Thus the Lord adopted a clever little ploy
And appeared in front of Mahabali as a Brahmin boy.

Mahabali,conducting a yajna, was giving, whatever asked,  to brahmins in charity,
Dimunitive Vamana asking only for land equaling his three steps, it hurt his vanity.
He saw Vamana cover the entire earth in the first, the sky and beyond in the second step,
Having nothing else to offer, Mahabali humbly offered his head for the third step.
Though the Lord sent Mahabali to the regions down under by pressing down,
Seeing his goodness, he made the asur king to sit on the underworld throne.


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As he lay there, wallowing in stale rum and self-pity, know not how long;
The red-eyed monster sprang up suddenly from the brimming liquor;
Gulping down a glass of liquid fire, he roared, “Now! Shoot her now!”
“She deserves no pity- who has let you down so badly.”

Drowning in rum, he attempted to raise his head,
Raising placatory hands to his personal devil,
“Now, now, let us not go there, so afar!
Remember, she used to be my cynosure till week last,
It’s just a pity that she was charmed by someone else.”

“Beware if you show any mercy to that unfaithful wretch!”
Growled the beast, spitting out shards of glass in disgust and adding,
“Be a man, take the sharpest knife and plunge it in her heartless heart.”

He cried out loud and pleaded with folded hands,
“No, no, can’t ever do that, please for Heaven’s sake, go away.”
“Then you leave me with no other option,” sighed the monster,
Stabbing him straight through the heart.

“Cardiac arrest due to excessive sorrow and stress”-
-declared t…



Loveliness is not all about physical beauty,
It is also
A smile shimmering through tear- stained eyes,
A widening grin ironing out an elder's wrinkles,
A mother's joy seeing her child eating well,
A couple embracing joyfully in reunion,
A calf jumping about in joy around mother cow,
And many more...


Seeing her eyes glow in excitement,
Obviously though she has it all wrong,
I rush to grab the correction opportunity,

Till I have another look at the gleam in her eyes.

Hell, I think, let me be wrong a hundred times over,
If only to preserve that glorious joy,

Rather than prove her wrong
And watch her enthusiasm wither.