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Mightiest Among warriors, wisest among counselors- all in one,
Was the great Bear king, the powerful but sagely Jambavan.
Created by God to help his Earthly Avatar, Lord Sri Rama,
He made service of the King Rama as his life’s Dharma.

Much is written about the might of the valiant Jambavan,
His most valuable role was the inspiration of Hanuman,
Encouraging him to dare and cross the ocean- a feat most remarkable,
By reminding Hanuman how mighty he really was- and capable.

When Lord Rama’s brother Laxman lay critically injured by Indrajit,
It was Jambavan again who refused to concede slightest defeat,
Advising Hanuman to bring from the Himalayas a wonder herb-very rare,
He ensured the recovery of Sri Laxman- this wondrous bear. 

 Jambavan and Hanuman, devotees of caliber very rare
 Were said to be the only ones blessed to there
 During both Rama and Krishna Avatar.


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A Tamil gentleman nearly got clobbered when he appreciated the food served for lunch at his Telugu friend’s place.

The poor guy innocently said ‘Pramadham’ which means ‘Excellent’ in Tamil, but unfortunately means ‘Danger’ in Telugu!

‘Tamasha’ means ‘light stuff’, ‘Comedy’ etc in Malayalam, but beware if you use it flippantly with the Hindi speaking people.

Indiscreet use of this word- which means a street dance or something in Hindi- is not received kindly by them.

The simple word ‘Avasar’- which also is a Sanskrit root word- means ‘Occasion’ in Hindi; ‘Avasaram’ means ‘Requirement’ in Telugu; ‘Opportunity’ in Malayalam and ‘Hurry’ in Tamil!

There must of course be several such examples in the various languages ‘spooken’ in our delightful India.


Seeing her eyes glow in excitement,
Obviously though she has it all wrong,
I rush to grab the correction opportunity,

Till I have another look at the gleam in her eyes.

Hell, I think, let me be wrong a hundred times over,
If only to preserve that glorious joy,

Rather than prove her wrong
And watch her enthusiasm wither.



Lord Krishna is infinitely merciful.

He accepts your prayers whatever be your way, or whomsoever you worship. Like the waters of all rivers leading to the Ocean, all prayers flow to Him alone. ( Rig Veda)

He says that you may, if you can, fix your mind and intellect on him and be always in His contemplation. That is the path of Knowledge or Jnana Yoga.

However, if you find it difficult, you may choose the path of Yoga practice. In this the mind can be trained to meditate on Him and be brought back again and again when it gets distracted. This is the path of Raja Yoga.

If you find the Yoga path cumbersome, you may resort to ritualistic worship as authorized by the sacred texts. This is the path of Karma Yoga. If your mind is not on rituals, you can take refuge in him, leading a self controlled life.

Then there is the Bhakti path, the path of total devotion and surrender to the Lord. Even here, the Lord says, you need not make elaborate offerings- A l…