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Mightiest Among warriors, wisest among counselors- all in one,
Was the great Bear king, the powerful but sagely Jambavan.
Created by God to help his Earthly Avatar, Lord Sri Rama,
He made service of the King Rama as his life’s Dharma.

Much is written about the might of the valiant Jambavan,
His most valuable role was the inspiration of Hanuman,
Encouraging him to dare and cross the ocean- a feat most remarkable,
By reminding Hanuman how mighty he really was- and capable.

When Lord Rama’s brother Laxman lay critically injured by Indrajit,
It was Jambavan again who refused to concede slightest defeat,
Advising Hanuman to bring from the Himalayas a wonder herb-very rare,
He ensured the recovery of Sri Laxman- this wondrous bear. 

 Jambavan and Hanuman, devotees of caliber very rare
 Were said to be the only ones blessed to there
 During both Rama and Krishna Avatar.


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As he lay there, wallowing in stale rum and self-pity, know not how long;
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