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                          Papa Priest tells little Unni,
“Unni Unni, dear little sonny,
Do conduct the worship today
As some work takes me away.”

Unni bows to papa’s appeal,
Conducts the worship with zeal.
Though six only in years,
Does the puja without fears.

“Krishna Krishna sweet little kanna,
Do come down and accept my manna.
Else papa dear will be furious,
Will call my worship spurious.”

The compassion filled Spirit of the Deity
Understands the little boy’s piety.
That his Innocence makes him believe really
Krishna would consume the pudding literally!

Seeing the child’s tear-jeweled face,
Krishna himself manifests apace.
Appearing before Unni as a little boy,
Krishna eats the pudding to Unni’s joy.

Like a kid, the Lord plays with the priest’s son,
Unni forgets everything awhile in the Divine fun,
Till Krishna says, “Now I must leave”
And, Lo! He disappears like water through a sieve!

When Unni relates the story to papa in joy,
The priest thunders, “You have eaten it, my boy!”
Unni’s pleas fall on deaf ears.
Papa thrashes Unni to tears.

Then both hear his Voice from above,
“Stop this beating right now!
“Seeing Unni’s faith and love,
To his prayers I had to bow!”

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Dear friends, time it is now to hearken to the heartwarming tale of Sudama, Who had for his childhood and bosom friend none other than Lord Krishna. But while the little Krishna became King of Dwaraka, as ordained by destiny, Sudama, the poor Brahmin lived nearby with his family in abject poverty.
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