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Impatiently, Rani nudged her sleepy husband, who sat up in bed, protesting.
“What do you want now, uh?”
“Vinod, I want some bright ideas from you, lazy oaf! How do I make my boss select me for that plum Singapore posting?”
She sighed with pleasure as she allowed her fantasies to soar, imagining herself in Singapore-with or without hubby-that was secondary.
“Have you asked him yet?”
“Yes, but he is kinda non-committal-merely smiles and says that he has to choose among 2 or 3 others.”
It was Vinod’s turn to nudge her with a sly smile, “Maybe he… Some favors from you.”
“Chee!  Do all males want that only from women?”
After some time, she asked hesitantly, “What’s your opinion on this, Vinod? After all, once you proposed wife swapping to me!”
Vinod shrugged, “I needn’t know at all…if you want the posting so much…”
Then he added, by way of a hint: “I would love the Singapore posting too…after all; I am a free lancer-can work from anywhere.”
Rani fought hard not to show her delight. *** A f…