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With battle lines now drawn firmly for the Mahabharat war,
Both sides were now seeking support from near and far.
Thus Duryodhana the Kaurava, and Arjuna the valiant Pandava ,
Both travelled to Dwaraka to seek the help of the king, Sri Krishna.

On seeing their friend Krishna enjoying a nap on a bed,
Duryodhana , waiting  for him to rise, sat near his head.
However, the humble Arjuna thought it fit,
To sit in respectful patience at Krishna’s feet.

Hence,when the wily Krishna opened his eyes after his rest,
It was the pious Arjuna at his feet that he happened to see first.
Thereafter, after understanding his friends’s requests for help,
His army he offered to one, and to the other his non- combatant self.

Arjuna, given first choice, opted for the Lord without hesitation,
Duryodhana who got the army was foolishly in delighted excitation!
Little realizing that the trump card was now with the Pandavas,
That the death knell had already started sounding for the Kauravas.

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Govindan was facing the problem of plenty.
A very large ancestral house.
Relations of all hues- in dozens-living as a disjointed joint family, of which he was supposedly the head.
Huge quantity of valuables, including cash and jewellery-which he found hard to safe guard from the greedy cockroaches calling themselves his relatives. Try as he might, he could not dislodge a single one among these detested people for fear of offending either a brother, a sister, mother or his wife.
He tried hiding the stash at different places in his ancient thirty-two roomed bungalow and changing places every few days… but was shit scared that someone or other would find out.
Thus, among plenty of other things, he had plenty of angst also.
One day, Govindan got a flashy idea after watching a Malayalam movie about a haunted room in a large house like his.


Ah! It’s started to beautifully rain, So it’s time for me to feign, An infection, cold or any pain, A day off, with sympathy to gain.
But alas! spousey says, ‘Off to work! You lazy, cunning little jerk, Calling in sick to watch buxom ladies twerk, Watching your lusty channels, with a daylong smirk.’
But when she says, ‘If you still be insisting, I will rope you in for housekeeping,' I look out, sigh, ‘The rain, it seems, has stopped, My leave plan for today is hence dropped.’


Renu woke up in a cold sweat on hearing the alarm. She was thankful that her nightmare had been disrupted by the faithful alarm. She had been dreaming that a snakes and ladders game was going on in which she was the coin moving up the ladder, and sliding down a cow instead of a snake.
Hearing some commotion outside her fourth floor apartment, Renu idly opened the door to have a look. There seemed to be some house warming ceremony in progress in an apartment on the same floor. Loud mantras were being hurled by energetic purohits to discourage bad spirits and drive away ghosts. Suppressing a yawn, Renu was about to close the door to start her daily routine when she saw her in the yet dim sunlight- a healthy well built cow.
It seemed to be Renu’s day for cows. She had been sliding up and down a cow in the nightmare and now here was another one in flesh and blood, brought obviously for the housewarming.
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