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Mohan looked again at the female form he had sculpted, in utter incredulity.
The statue was exquisitely beautiful- an amazing work of art.
 Mohan knew that he had finally made his masterpiece.
 He jealously covered his creation with dried branches, to hide this sensuous female from public view.
 She was too hot for display. *** Mohan tossed and turned in his bed.
He started getting a recurring nightmare in which  he would  wake up in a cold sweat after a dreadful sequence- where he saw a handsome Gandharva (A kind of demi -god)- spiriting away his masterpiece  after breathing life into her. The Gandharva would then sing and dance with Mohan’s beauty queen.
Feeling a powerful sting of jealousy, Mohan would then jump out of bed to chase the Gandharva away, only to see his sculpture safe where it had been. Mohan would then go back to sleep with an immense feeling of relief.  This happened night after night.
After several nights like this, Mohan decided he could not stand the strain any longer. …


FROM THE BOOK, ‘THE MEDITATIVE PATH’ BY JOHN CIANCIOSI. vEstablish and maintain a regular daily practice of formal meditation.
vDevelop Awareness around ordinary daily activities by cultivating ‘Meditation in action.”
vMake time for introspection to remain in touch with your feelings and emotions.
vWhen there is a problem, allow it become fully conscious in the Light of Awareness and use your intuitive wisdom to solve it.


Seemingly ordinary people sometimes leave behind an everlasting fragrance when their lives cross yours.
Ramji entered my life when I was a lad of ten. He was around for only a year but he left an indelible impression which I still carry around.
Those days, poverty was always hovering around us, seeking a foothold. My father had to start conducting home tuitions for a living.
One day, a tall, stocky youth walked in,introducing himself as an inter student who had just completed his first year. He handed dad a sheaf of papers-his most recent Mathematics evaluation paper. 
Papa said, “Three marks out of a hundred and fifty, in Mathematics-- I see! What do you expect me to do? I am a teacher, not a magician.”
“Sir, I am Ramji..Made my mama weep with that wretched answer paper.”
With that, he literally fell at my papa’s feet and said, “Please help sir- I must make her smile next time.”
My papa who had seen many varieties of young rascals by this time, looked quite unimpressed with the theatrics; “…


Raju got an electric shock; Went to see the local doc;
Doc took him behind a tree; Made him sit on his car battery;
After some time, doc said, “Now my battery is charged,
And you are discharged.”




This asura was so greedy for power and might, He was ready to do anything for it, wrong or right. Thus he spent many a month in prayer and meditation; Forcing even Lord Shiva to yield to his determination.
When Shiva declined to grant him the boon of immortality, The wily demon asked cheekily for a monstrous killer ability; Asking that anyone whose head he merely touched should turn to ash. Lord Shiva had now no option but to agree though he knew it to be rash.
But when Basmasur decided to put his power to test By touching the Boon giver himself first, Lord Shiva, realizing the danger he was to face, Took to his heels with the cunning asura in chase.
When the Lord Vishnu assured help on his plea, Lord Shiva sighed in relief and hid behind a tree. The asura, following meanwhile,suddenly saw a wondrous woman And stood there spellbound and gaping in awe- this demon.
 Forgetting everything in his total infatuation The demon did everything for her ingratiation; When the lovely Mohini beckoned him to dance, …


Peace in Life is all about equilibrium.
There is an analogy in Nature itself.
Tranquility prevails in Nature so long as there is equilibrium…. i.e a balance of natural forces.
If there is an imbalance of air pressure, Nature brings back balance through hurricanes and tornadoes, causing, in the process property destruction, loss of lives and other calamities.
Earthquakes and resulting havoc are due to a shift in the delicate balance among the tectonic plates underneath.
Tranquility for humans also can be achieved only through equilibrium and conscious balancing in every aspect of life.
In relationships: You need to identify your most important relationships...after all you have many roles to play… as a spouse, a son or daughter, a sister or brother and so on. You have to consciously maintain a proper balance (by doing tight rope walking, if required) to ensure peace and harmony in all these relationships and among your various roles. Tilting in any one direction (or even a perceived tilt) …


Hearing the annoying announcement that his train was late, Biju decided to enjoy a quick snooze, on the hard stone bench provided in the station. During this short nap, Biju had a strange dream- that a small girl was pleading for his help, “Please sir, help me. I am scared.”
The dream seemed so real and weird that Biju got up with a start and looked around him anxiously. He breathed in relief knowing that it had been just a dream. There were no girls of that age to be seen on the platform.
 As he was recovering from this weird daydream, a train chugged in. Since it was not Biju’s train, he did not get up from his bench. But as the coaches were rolling past, he was shocked to see a little girl in one of the coaches, sitting between two people… apparently her parents… looking remarkably like the girl in his dream. Biju started sweating at this apparition appearing twice within minutes. It took some time for him to recover, but as the train left the station, he again felt relieved, dismiss…