There is a very beautiful and heart-warming story of the Rajput princess Mira bai, who, it is said, “burnt herself like a moth in the candle of love...”for her celestial lover, the Lord God Krishna himself. The fable of Mira’s devotion to Krishna is one of the most revered household stories in many Indian households. Various biographers have given beautiful expression to the touching story of this indefatigable love of Mira for Lord Sri Krishna.
The story is set in the year 1557 in a place called Marwar in present day Rajasthan. Rajasthan was home to some of the most valiant kings who belonged to the Kshatriya community and were the fiercest enemies of the Mughal regime. Mira was born in this Royal clan and was hence destined to marry in Royalty. She, as per the traditions and rigid customs of those days, thus married a Rajput prince by name Bhoja Raja, eldest son of a powerful King.
However Mirabai had already given her Heart and Soul to the Emperor of Love, Lord Krishna. Hence she co…


Karnan is one of the finest mythological characters from the great epic Mahabharata. He is the first-born of Kuntidevi, mother of the Pandavas who fight the Kauravas in this epic war, lorded by Sri Krishna. But as Destiny would have it, Karnan, the mighty warrior and among the noblest and most generous of Kings has to alas! perish fighting on the wrong side...the side of the Kauravas.
Abandoned by his mother as a baby due to force of circumstances, the Royal blooded but unfortunate Kshatriya is adopted and brought up by a humble charioteer but grows to become a great archer and mighty wrestler, by overcoming great odds and prejudices of that time.. He was so generous that the word Karnan has become a synonym for generosity in India. But his own great qualities of generosity and loyalty lead to his tragic downfall.
Karnan’s fate is sealed when he is given due recognition for his might and talent by Duryodhana, the arch enemy of the Pandava brothers, on being insulted by others in an arc…


You may worship a multitude of faith symbols,
Or chant prayers and clang many cymbals,
But if your heart doesn't hurt for a suffering brother,
All your chanting is just a lot of wasted bother.
You can call Him whatever, it's all the same,
For God who is Infinity, what's in a name?
Before attempting to reach out to God, every man
Ought to first reach out to the fellow human.


After pondering for a long time, Azad decided to make the call to the suicide prevention center,before taking the final step-There was nothing to lose anyway.
With gun in one hand and a suicide slip in the other, he dialed.
An electronic voice immediately came on line:
“Hi! Thank you for calling Self-Destruct Prevent Center.”
“ Press one if you plan to use poison, two for gun, three for knife, four for drowning…”
Amused at this, Azad pressed two.
“Press one if you are neurotic, two if psychotic, three if bi-polar, four if OCD……”
Slightly irritated, Azad continued by selecting an option.
“Press one if gay, two if bisexual, three if transvestite and four if none of above…”
So on it went till finally a human voice came online, “Good morning, sir, how may I hinder you?”
“You have hindered me sufficiently already… I am now toying with the idea of homicide!”
“Glad to have been of help, sir. Unfortunately, homicide is not our specialty, sir.”


Hearing the annoying announcement that his train was late, Sajan decided to enjoy a quick snooze on the hard stone bench provided in the station. During this short nap, Sajan had a strange dream- that a small girl was pleading for his help, “Please sir, help me. I am scared.”
The dream seemed so real and weird that Sajan got up with a start and looked around him anxiously. He breathed in relief knowing that it had been just a dream. There were no girls of that age to be seen on the platform.
As he was recovering from this weird daydream, a train chugged in. Since it was not Sajan’s train, he did not get up from his bench. But as the coaches were rolling past, he was shocked to see a little girl in one of the coaches, sitting between two people… apparently her parents… looking remarkably like the girl in his dream. Sajan started sweating at this apparition appearing twice within minutes. It took some time for him to recover, but as the train left the station, he again felt relieved, dism…


Thayumanavar, a great soul from the ancient Tamil city of Thanjavur, Started life as an adviser to the King of Tiruchi, Sri Chokkanathar. When he sought spiritual initiation from maunaguru, the great Sivachariar, The latter advised him to ‘keep quiet’ and continue with his household career.
But the king who saw the saintliness reflect in the soul of Thayumanavar


The stranger stared at the bearded man in amazement.
“Aren’t you the fearsome Durjan Singh?” he whispered in awe, and then started shivering in fright as he realized he was indeed the notorious dacoit.
Sitting in solitude under a tree in the remote village, Durjan looked more like a Swamiji than the merciless killer he was reputed to be.
“Fear not, you will come to no harm,” said Durjan, “And you need not whisper. All of them know,” he said, pointing to the village.
As he spoke, a boy of about nine came up to him, in a wheel chair. Durjan’s expression softened and he reached out to the lad with unbelievable gentleness.
 Seeing the puzzled look on the stranger’s face, Durjan sighed, realizing that it was story time again.
“May I, papa?” asked the lad sweetly.
Durjan smiled and said, “Go ahead, Dilshan dear.”
*** “Two years ago, papa rode to our village to plunder, along with three others. Most of the villagers were terrified and ran off…”
“Thank you, Dilshan,” said Durjan and continued, “All ra…