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What else do we need to pray for As long we have you, dear mother?
Where be the need to measure human endurance, Seeing you, the embodiment of tenacity?
What greater wonder can there be, Than the smile which glows on your face On seeing the children you breathe for?
What greater beauty is there Than your love-filled face With the time-etched creases?


Returning home from work that day, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the painted vase sitting prettily on a side table in the hall.
“Mynah!” shouted I, addressing my eleven year old daughter, “How did this come here?”
“Som bought it for me,” said she, quite simply, leaving me dumbfounded.
“But you hate him!” I said, referring to my new boyfriend whom she detested.
Som had come into my life recently, two years after Mynah’s dad died in a freak accident. He was only 40 then- I was 38.
Mynah shrugged and said, “But he likes me, it appears. That’s why he got it when I told him you refused to get it for me.”
I was left still wondering at the turn of events as her tantrums on seeing him were still fresh in my memory.
Two days later, Som came home during the weekend. He too merely shrugged when I complimented him on winning over Mynah. “Girls like things. You can keep them happy by indulging in these simple things.”
I really hope it stays that way, I thought, hoping to marry Som …


The Thrissur District Collector’s aide ran to his boss’s room, huffing and puffing.
“Sir, It seems the tranquilizers will take at least four hours to arrive…. They have to come from Coimbatore.”
“Coimbatore! Can’t wait that long! Order them immediately to shoot the elephant.”
The aide bowed and said, while hurrying out of the room, “Yes sir.”
A thin man appeared suddenly in front of the Collector.
“Who are you, eh? Who let you in?” demanded the Collector.
“I am Velayuthan, sir! Just give me one chance to bring the elephant under control. Do not kill it yet, sir, please!”
“What! Are you out of your mind? This huge creature is moving freely, posing a grave threat to our people. And who the hell are you anyway; to succeed where so many have failed, including the elephant’s own mahout?”
“Sir, I beseech you, just one chance, I seek no more. It is a very gentle temple elephant, just fallen in bad times.”
“Ok, I give you 15 minutes, that’s all.”
“Thank you, sir! I need only 5,” Velayuthan said an…


The strongest bond is
That which is made by
The loveliest thing is
The smile lighting up
The beloved’s face.
The firmest grip is
When guiding the child
In its first steps.
The safest place is
Mom's bosom, for a
Child in distress.
A person who has experienced
All that,
Has indeed lived.


The fifth of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu was this Vamana, Who took the appearance of a short statured, cute Brahmana. Mahabali, an asur in the lineage of Hiranyakasip and though very just and powerful, Was envied by the Devas, because he had all the worlds including theirs, to rule.
Knowing the difficulty of overcoming the virtuous Mahabali in any direct war, To recover the Devas’s world, Lord Vishnu decided to take the Vamana Avatar. Thus the Lord adopted a clever little ploy And appeared in front of Mahabali as a Brahmin boy.
Mahabali,conducting a yajna, was giving, whatever asked,  to brahmins in charity, Dimunitive Vamana asking only for land equaling his three steps, it hurt his vanity. He saw Vamana cover the entire earth in the first, the sky and beyond in the second step, Having nothing else to offer, Mahabali humbly offered his head for the third step. Though the Lord sent Mahabali to the regions down under by pressing down, Seeing his goodness, he made the asur king to sit on the under…