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The Thrissur District Collector’s aide ran to his boss’s room, huffing and puffing.
“Sir, It seems the tranquilizers will take at least four hours to arrive…. They have to come from Coimbatore.”
“Coimbatore! Can’t wait that long! Order them immediately to shoot the elephant.”
The aide bowed and said, while hurrying out of the room, “Yes sir.”
A thin man appeared suddenly in front of the Collector.
“Who are you, eh? Who let you in?” demanded the Collector.
“I am Velayuthan, sir! Just give me one chance to bring the elephant under control. Do not kill it yet, sir, please!”
“What! Are you out of your mind? This huge creature is moving freely, posing a grave threat to our people. And who the hell are you anyway; to succeed where so many have failed, including the elephant’s own mahout?”
“Sir, I beseech you, just one chance, I seek no more. It is a very gentle temple elephant, just fallen in bad times.”
“Ok, I give you 15 minutes, that’s all.”
“Thank you, sir! I need only 5,” Velayuthan said an…


The strongest bond is
That which is made by
The loveliest thing is
The smile lighting up
The beloved’s face.
The firmest grip is
When guiding the child
In its first steps.
The safest place is
Mom's bosom, for a
Child in distress.
A person who has experienced
All that,
Has indeed lived.


The fifth of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu was this Vamana, Who took the appearance of a short statured, cute Brahmana. Mahabali, an asur in the lineage of Hiranyakasip and though very just and powerful, Was envied by the Devas, because he had all the worlds including theirs, to rule.
Knowing the difficulty of overcoming the virtuous Mahabali in any direct war, To recover the Devas’s world, Lord Vishnu decided to take the Vamana Avatar. Thus the Lord adopted a clever little ploy And appeared in front of Mahabali as a Brahmin boy.
Mahabali,conducting a yajna, was giving, whatever asked,  to brahmins in charity, Dimunitive Vamana asking only for land equaling his three steps, it hurt his vanity. He saw Vamana cover the entire earth in the first, the sky and beyond in the second step, Having nothing else to offer, Mahabali humbly offered his head for the third step. Though the Lord sent Mahabali to the regions down under by pressing down, Seeing his goodness, he made the asur king to sit on the under…


This is an epic story about a chaste Tamil woman named Kannagi who wreaked revenge on a powerful king and the capital of his kingdom for unjustly executing her innocent husband.
Kannagi features as the protagonist in a Tamil epic by name ‘Silappadhikaram’.  The title implies that this is a story involving a ‘chilambu’ or anklet.
Kannagi, a lovely woman, is wedded to Kovalan, who is the son of a rich man. The couple lives happily in a town called Kaveripattinam, till a new woman named Madhavi enters Kovalan’s life. Infatuated by Madhavi, Kovalan forgets the faithful Kannagi for some time, and spends both time and money on this illicit affair. Finally, when all his wealth is thus frittered away, Kovalan returns like a prodigal son to his wife’s loyal arms.
Kannagi epitomizes the amazing and true Indian loyalty of an Indian wife when she receives him back with love unhesitatingly, and even offers her only valuable possession- a pair of anklets- to be sold…


His Heaviness ascended the creaky podium,
He had to address a political  meeting,
Though he disliked the dreadful tedium,
He had to do it, though he preferred eating.
If elected- he thundered- "We will banish poverty,"
"And what else, you cloth head?" He demanded
in an angry whisper -of his harassed secretary.
"Corruption?" "Ah yes! Corruption!" he gleefully added.
Alas! When he waited for applause, there was silence!
"Why, why?"He demanded an answer from the harassed.
"The pre-paid crowd is economy class, no add- ons;
for applause, whistling and so on, need extra money."
"Upgrade immediately," roared he, "you son of an oaf!"
Then the required phone call was made in real hurry,
The  crowd now cheered, bringing down the roof.
His Heaviness was happy, could go home and have curry.